ISO 9001 And Six Sigma For Starters

This week I have a guest post from Kaltrina Istrefi from PECB talking about ISO 9001 and Six Sigma. Take it away Kaltrina ...

The number of organisations that are getting certified against ISO 9001 and Six Sigma is increasing at unprecedented rates. These organizations want to differentiate their products and services in the competitive market of today's world, stay professional, and make sure that they use their human and capital resources wisely.

Most of these organizations get certified voluntarily, simply because they want to get better at what they do and offer better services. But which approach is best?

At some point in their growth, ISO 9001 certified organizations have considered adding Six Sigma methodologies as methods of improvement in the activities of their Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 and Six Sigma complement each other; they both improve processes. However, in order to understand that, let us go through their differences and similarities.

ISO 9001 and Six Sigma can be aligned and integrated together. They both seek continuous process improvements, employee involvement, fact-based decision-making and a systematic approach to management.

When a company implements ISO 9001, they can use Six Sigma and its methods to help set targets to measure performance and reduce errors. ISO 9001 provides the framework, while Six Sigma provides the techniques required for an effective Quality Management System.

"Their integration will lead to an increased quality of processes and end products/services."

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