ISO 9001: Design And Development (Part 2)

In this series of blog posts, I will be taking a look at the main sections of ISO 9001, what they are, why they are important ...

This 101 is looking further into Section 8.3.2 Design and Development Planning. Why is this important to my business? Well, design and development needs to be planned to ensure all activities and tasks that are necessary are implemented.

When you plan anything, this has an impact on money, people and other resources. If you need to plan a new product, and this requires investment, you will need to take that into account, and no doubt add to your risk register for the company in the case that you cannot get the investment required.

How do I manage this? This will vary depending on your business. The following may need to be taken into consideration:

There are a variety of ways you can implement this.

Personally, I use Teamworks to help me plan any project, including design and development ones. You are able to create templated to-do lists that enable you to replicate processes really easily. This can be viewed in a list format, Kanban style boards or a Gantt chart. All documentation is version controlled and the system sends you reminders of what to do and when keeping the whole team and project moving forwards together.

Many of the companies I have worked with have found it useful to have an independent person to work with them to help understand the requirements and how to implement them.

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