ISO 9001: Identification And Traceability

In this series of blog posts, I will be taking a look at the main sections of ISO 9001, what they are, why they are important ...

This 101 is looking into Section 8.5.2 Identification and traceability. Why is this important to my business? Well, we all want to deliver great products and services to our customers. In order to do this, you need to make sure you can correctly identify the right product or service and everything that constitutes it.

For example, if you are making a metal widget for your customer and delivering it, you need to know the correct drawing was used to create it, the correct material and equipment were used to make it and you are sending them the right product they are asking for to the right place.

In order to make sure you end up with a satisfied customer, you need to make sure all these parts of your process are identifiable and traceable.

How do I do this? This does depend on the type of product or service you provide. The following examples give you the idea:

These examples give you an idea of how identification and traceability is important to your business.

How do I manage this? There are a variety of ways you can manage this. With products, it can be marker pens, labels and digital methods to visibly make things identifiable in a way that suits your systems. With services, you can set ways to name documentation, version control systems or logging e-mails in CRM systems.

Personally, I use Teamwork to help me manage my identification and traceability. Each client has their own custom portal they log into to access their own document, tasks, and information. Each action on the system is tracked so you can trace what is going on if needed. There are a lot of options to suit whatever process you decide on.

Many of the companies I have worked with have found it useful to have an independent person to work with them to help understand the requirements and how to implement them.

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