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ISO 9001 : Continual Improvement

How to stop customer satisfaction declining ...


In this series of helpful blog posts, commonly called a 101, I will be taking a look at the main sections of ISO 9001, what they are, why they are important to your business and a few tips on how to implement the standard ...

With ISO 9001, you should be striving for continual improvement!

With ISO 9001, you should be striving for continual improvement!

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This 101 is looking into Section 10.3 of ISO 9001 called Continual Improvement. Why is this important to my business? If we do not improve our business, over time our levels of customer satisfaction will reduce. We see this often when businesses that are at the top of their industries that have been around a long time.

"Customers love them and always use them!"

Then a new technology or competition comes along that does things better. Customer satisfaction declines as a result and they move to the new competitor. Examples I can think of in the past few decades times are Marks & Spencers, IBM, Sony and Apple whose fortunes have waxed and waned.

Continual improvement envelops the whole company and can:

  • Increase consistency of your service

  • Improving your products

  • Increasing your levels of process capability

  • Reduce variation in your processes

How do I do this? In small businesses, this is often done informally. The larger a business gets there are more formal methodologies you can use to structure the process. These include 5’S’, Six Sigma and TQM.

Personally, my improvements are managed using Teamwork Project Management software using relevant ideas and tools from TQM, which are perfect for your ISO 9001 programme.

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