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ISO 9001: Do You Plan Your Changes?

Change is inevitable ...

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In this series of blog posts, I will be taking a look at the main sections of ISO 9001, what they are, why they are important to your business and a few tips on how to implement the standard ...

Change in inevitable, though ISO 9001 lets you implement changes smoothly!

Change in inevitable, though ISO 9001 lets you implement changes smoothly!

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This 101 is looking at Section 6.3 – Planning Of Changes. Why is this important to your business? When we decide to change something in our life, do we plan it? We may say yes if we are moving to a new house, but not so much if we decide to buy a new plant pot for the garden.

"However, if we keep buying random plant pots for our garden, it will soon become uncontrolled, a bit messy and hard to maintain!"

This is what happens to businesses over time. Yes, we may plan the big things, like an office move, but all those smaller changes we don't. Eventually, it all becomes uncontrolled, a bit messy and hard to maintain. How do you plan changes then?

A simple change request form can be used to record the change you want. This can have prompts to make you think about:

  • What systems will need changing?

  • What documentation will need changing?

  • Will there be a need for any internal or external communication about the change?

  • Will you need to do any training as a result of the change?

  • Will the change have any knock-on effects on other processes, people, systems?

  • What costs are associated with this change?

Once you have completed the form, it needs to be reviewed by a suitable cross-section of the business before being actioned. This is because different departments and different levels of employees will see the change from a different perspective, which is useful to ensure all bases are covered.

Many of the companies I have worked with have found it useful to have an independent person to work with them to help understand the requirements and how to implement them.

"Would you like to know more?"

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