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ISO 9001: Objectives And How We Plan Them

You need to know where you're going ...


In this series of blog posts, I will be taking a look at the main sections of ISO 9001, what they are, why they are important to your business and a few tips on how to implement the standard ...

You need to know where your ISO 9001 journey is going to take you!

You need to know where your ISO 9001 journey is going to take you!

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This 101 is looking at Section 6.2 – Objectives. Why is this important to your business? Well, if we haven't decided where we are going, we can end up almost anywhere!

As a real-world analogy, this also applies every time you get in your car. If you don't know whether you want to go to the shops or the cinema you are not going to get there until an objective has been decided.

You then need a plan of which route you are going to take (or just delegate that to the GPS). It is the same in business. If we have not decided where we are going, then who knows where we will end up?

"How do I create an ISO 9001 compatible objectives-based management system?"

There are many ways to create an objectives-based management system. Everything from a whiteboard on the wall, an excel sheet or the latest app which helps you record your progress. First, you have to decide what your objectives are going to be.

If you have followed the advice in my previous blog post about understanding the context of your business, then you will know what areas you need to concentrate on. These are the easiest to create objectives for.

So, if you want to increase your sales then set a target and a date for doing so. If you want to increase the competence of employees, then set a target for the number of courses they take this year. You get the idea.

"How do I plan to meet the objectives?"

We all make plans. Often in our head and not on paper though! Write down who is going to do what action in order to make your objectives a reality. Plan it out using whatever task management system you use. This will ensure your objectives get done.

How do I know if the objectives are suitable for ISO 9001:2015?

  • Firstly, do they align with your Quality Policy?

  • Secondly are they measurable?

  • Thirdly, are they relevant to your product or service?

  • Fourthly, and I believe most importantly, do they help improve your customer satisfaction?

  • Fifthly, have they been communicated to the people who are making these objectives a reality and across your company?

  • And lastly, are the objectives regularly reviewed to see if you are meeting them, and are they revised if needed?

Many of the companies I have worked with have found it useful to have an independent person to work with them to help understand the requirements and how to implement them.

"Would you like to know more?"

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