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Introducing Alex Hoskins ...


This week, I have an introductory blog post from Alex Hoskins who joins me at the Harmonious Improvement Group. Alex lives in Leicestershire with his family and is very tech oriented which is a great help to me. Take it away Alex ...

Introducing Alex Hoskins, joining me at The Harmonious Improvement Group!

Introducing Alex Hoskins, joining me at The Harmonious Improvement Group!


Hi, I'm Alex and I live in Leicestershire with my family, including two lovely rescue cats, Twinkle and Star. I've been working for The Harmonious Improvement Group since the end of February and it has certainly been a very interesting learning curve for me.

"My passion and experience mostly lies with tech, particularly video editing, and I always tend to be the go-to person for trouble shooting and tech problems!"

Most recently I have been working in finance in the charity sector which gave me the experience of learning to use new applications in an area I had no previous experience in, and tailoring them to our needs. When Ellen offered me the opportunity to work with her on the administration side of her business, I was looking forward to bringing this experience to the table, along with my tech knowledge.

Quality Management Systems was a real unknown area to me, and I had very little idea how it fitted into the business world, which I knew predominately as a customer. Although I was delighted to start my job, I have to admit that I was secretly wondering if I would find it a little dry and bureaucratic.

However, over my first few months working with Ellen as I've learned more about what it is that she does, I have begun to understand and realise how completely integral quality management is to providing a business model which is beneficial, ethical and super productive. A model that works best for everyone involved. The beneficial impact that it can have on people's day to day lives, our society and the environment is far from dry, in fact it can actually be rather inspiring.

"Shortly after I began working, the lockdown was put in place!"

Ellen and I had originally planned to work regularly face-to-face with each other, but from the first month onwards we were, like so many others, holding our meetings on zoom, and relying on online tools like Teamwork and G-Suite to help us collaborate.

To be honest was remarkably easy to make the shift to online working, and in reality I don't think this has had any detrimental impact on our ability to work together, apart from the occasional cat walking over my keyboard!

Practically, I have been getting up to speed with ISO9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001, and I've also been taking courses in a variety of applications and sites, including Teamwork, Hubspot, Kajabi and Canva.

I've been making tutorial guides for Teamwork, organising the newsletter, and some of my other research is connected to some exciting ideas about expanding the business in the coming months. There's a lot going on, and certainly no day is like another when you are working with Ellen.

Reflecting on my first few months with The Harmonious Improvement Group, I have really enjoyed the variety of work and the opportunity to explore areas of tech and business which were brand new to me!

There's always an interesting challenge around the next corner, and my current challenge, which I am really excited about, is learning about marketing for Ellen's new venture, which is The Harmonious Shop. This is a brand new online shop that will focus on wellbeing products.

Keep an eye out for Ellen's updates about this in the coming weeks!

A big thank you to Alex for his thoughts this week and I'm sure there will be many more contributions to this blog from him in future.

Until next time ...

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